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Video Streaming – A Market Unto Itself
Video streaming is not just a marketing tool anymore. Perhaps it never was designed for marketing purposes alone.
Today popular video seminars are available by video streaming downloads. The content has its own value so other tools are used to market a fee-based video seminar.
These could be strategic lessons about a specific industry, motivational streams or self-help and religious instruction.
Sometimes these video streams are for a specific course and may have password-protected pdf file downloads for note taking or testing.
Some web users are assigning a monetary value to content rich video streams that can empower them for greater success, give them tools to help cope with loss, provide step by step directions for a specific skill set or simply provide a unique opportunity to be encouraged by someone skilled in the arena of motivation.
In some ways video streams may be a bit like renting a series of DVDs, but the side benefits are much more acute and bring a comprehensive value to the overall download. Take for instance interactive online polls, reference material downloads and links to specific complimentary products. These are all things that are not available with existing DVD technology. One of the primary things that may hold video streaming from a broader acceptance is that there are still a significant portion of the population who are not utilizing the web for this type of interactive information.
The overriding principle of Internet functionality is the hybrid of complimentary technologies – one application that works in concert with a separate and distinct application. Imagine being able to gain access to a highly valuable training video stream and then gaining priority access to a forum where other members who have viewed the same material can meet to discuss certain aspects of the training. These benefits only add to the value of a paid video stream.
Colleges and Universities have long recognized the importance of making offsite video available for distance learners, but the Internet also allows individuals to view the video stream from the comfort of their own home or even in a Wi-Fi hot zone using headphones while drinking a latte.
What does this say about video streaming? Well it tells us that this entertaining application that was ultimately used as a marketing tool has grown into its own. Something that was deemed useful to businesses as a marketing tool can, and in many cases does, stand on it’s own as a marketable product in much the same way an ebook can be used as both a marketing tool as well as a marketable product.
This versatile tool can still be used for the amusement of the masses (ala YouTube and similar video streaming sites), it can still be used to pass along free content rich information, but it can also be used to enhance an existing fee-based ecourse or study program making something accessible that was never available in such a dynamic way before.
How does this affect the way you view the potential in video streaming for profit?

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